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        About His Holiness Acharya Sri Roopchandra ji Maharaj  

His Holiness Poojya Acharya Shri Roop Chandra ji Maharaj is the lifetime President of Manav Mandir Mission Trust.A renowned acedemician, a philosopher, a writer and poet. Acharya shri Roop Chandra ji Maharaj is a scholar of Jain studies of great repute. He has rendered extraordinary service to humanity and human development armed with a visionary zeal and total commitment. He has been travelling to various Countries and also with in India for promoting globle peace, non-violence, universal brotherhood and spiritual values. He has been frontrunner in his endeavors and thus was conferred MAN OF THE YEAR – 2004 by American Biographical Institute U.S.A.
Later on he was also honoured by Amity Humanity Foundation (AHF) and National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) for his involvement in the cause of total health care and prevention and control of HIV/AIDS.


Acharya ji has travelled on foot over 50,000 kilometres throughout India and Nepal to propagate the religion of humanity. During this pursuit of public awareness and Sadhana, he has interacted with eminent philosophers, spiritual leaders, poets, diplomat and thinkers. He constantly endeavours to awaken the dormant consciousness and conscience of people living in villages and cities.


Acharyaji has successfully practised many methods of deep meditation. In the practice of mantra yoga, he has undergone the rare and profound experience of Samadhi. Through this experience, he has devised easy ways and means of giving solace and relief to the turbulent and tension ridden person of today.

Acharya Sri Roopchandraji Maharaj (Bio-Data)

Date of Birth - 22 Sept. 1939
Place of Birth - Sardarshar, Churu , Rajasthan,
Date of Muni Diksha - 15 oct,1952 by Pujya Gurudev Acharyasri Tulsi
Acharya Designation - 22 Sep. 1999 By Jain Sangh of Delhi
Education - Mastery on Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, English, Hindi, Gujrati etc.

Deep Study of Jain philosophy and comparative Study of all religions.

Literary work - Two dozens of books are published on religion, philosophy And poetry.
Honour - Pragnya Purush 1990 Calcutta, Man of the year-2004, U.S.A.

Pad Yatra (Foot March)- About 50,000 km in India and Nepal to propagate the spiritual heritage of India esp. Jain way of life.

Foreign Trips – Since 1991, about three- four months tour of U.S.A. Canada and U.K. every year. In 1999 A special Dharme Prasar yatra with Swami Chidanand Saraswati Sh.Ramesh Bhai OZA, famous singer Smt. Anuradha Paudwal, Sh. B.K. Modi etc. Organized by VHPA, through charter plane covering all the big cities of U.S.A. in one week.

June 2003, represented Jain religion in Leh, Laddakh. The global religious summit, organized on the occasion of Sindhu Darshan festival sponsored by govt. of India.

July 2004 - After Ganadhar Gautam Swami, probably the first Jain Muni who visited the Mount Kailash-Astapada, the Nirvana Bhoomi of Bhagwan Rrishabhadev, the founder of Jain religion.

Acharya Shree Roopachandra: Life and Achievements

Reverend Gurudev Acharya Shree Roopchandra Ji is one of those eminent spiritual gems of India who proved his distinction in the entire spiritual realm by propagating the timeless values of Indian culture, religious integrity, the quest for truth and service for mankind not only in India but even abroad -- in countries like America, Canada, Sweden and England. He was born in a town named Sardar Shahar in Rajasthan (India) on 22nd September 1939 to the parents Shree Jaichand Lal and Smt. Panchidevi Singhi. His heart was affluent with the susceptibility of a poet, grace of a saint, transcending vision of a seer – all intertwined with loving and pure, multi-faceted stream of service for all.

When he was only thirteen years of age, Acharya Shree Tulsi, the eminent seer of his time, initiated him as a Muni, in the same town of Sardar Shahar. At that time he was simply a student of 8th grade. After the initiation, he studied the languages such as Sanskrit, Prakrit, English, Hindi, Gujarati, etc. and undertook a comparative study of Literature, Philosophy, Science, Psychology and different religions of the world. The divine utterances of Lord Mahavir, and scriptures such as the Vedas and Upanishadas, Bhagawdgeeta, Ramcharitmanas, Dhammapad and the Bible are engraved on his memory as innumerable data stored in a computer.

He has accomplished a Herculean task by diffusing the quintessential teachings of a humanitarian religion in thousands of homes in India and Nepal by undertaking padayatra of some fifty thousand kilometres. In these hosts of programmes conducted under his auspices, several top leaders and cabinet ministers of these countries have participated including Honourable Presidents of India viz. Giani Jail Singh, Shree Venkataraman, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma; Prime Ministers viz. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Shree Morarji Desai, Shree Rajiv Gandhi; the Prime Minister of Nepal Shree Matrika Prasad Koirala and so on.

Giani Jail Singh and Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma were especially so very fond of his poetry and inaugurated many of his books.

Whilst he was the most beloved disciple of Acharya Tulsi, his close intimation and cordial interactions with eminent personalities like philosopher J. Krishnamoorthy, Shree Maa of Arvind Ashram Pondicherry, Shree Anandamayee Maa, Osho Rajneesh, Buddhist Shree Dalai Lama, Shree Binova Bhave, Shree Gopinath Kaviraj, St. Mother Teresa, Vipashyana Acharya Shree Goenka, Acharya Sushil Muni, etc. has further illumined his personality.

His contribution in the field of enrichment of Indian literature has been extremely significant. So far, over a score of his books have been published, both in prose and poetry, including most popular titles such as: Suna Hai Maine Ayushman, Main Kahta Ankhin Dekhi, Mahavir, Marx Aur Gandhi, Ahimsa hai Jeevan ka Saundarya, (collections of his contemplative prose works) and Khule Aakash Me, Bhooma, Kis Sambodhan Se Pukaroon, Roopayan, and Roopantar (anthologies of his poems) which became very popular in India and abroad. Literary critics have immensely praised your intellectual prose works as well as your revolutionary poetry. In context with his books on non-violence, famous author Amrita Preetam commented in these inspiring words: “The way in which the faith of Muni Roopchandra gradually lifts the veils from over the mysteries of Ahimsa (the non-violence), alights on every iota of dust, drenches itself in each atom of water, differentiates between annihilation and extinction and points to that very foundation of non-violence on which rests our glorious culture, truly speaking, on such moments, I can say that the faith of Munishree has bathed itself in fire to transcend all fears, all limits and the bounds of time.”

As regards the media world, his write-ups are regularly published in several national dailies, weeklies and fortnightlies. From time to time, his talks and poems are also relayed and telecast from All India Radio and Door Darshan. Several of his write-ups are translated into various languages including English, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Nepali, Punjabi, and Gujarati.

Propagating the Religion on Foreign Lands

On invitation, he undertook a number of trips to America, Canada, England Sweden and other countries for teaching and propagation of Jainism, Vegetarianism Indian culture and its spiritual values on foreign lands. In this way, he expanded the dimensions of the role of a Jain Muni with his personal example. During these trips, his touching addresses deepened the faith of multitudes of Indian immigrants in their religion and culture, and, furthermore, inspired hundreds of our fellow brothers and sisters in these countries to follow the path of non-violence and join the vegetarian movement. He teaches yoga and meditation also.

Following is a summary of important achievements of Acharya Shree :-


  1. Initiated by Acharya Shree Tulsi as Jain Muni on 15th October 1952, when he was 13.
  2. Learnt by heart several ‘Agamas’ including Avashyak Sutra, Dashvaikalik, Uttaradhyayan Sutra, Acharang Pratham, Prashn Vyakaran, ‘Samvar Dwar’, Vruhatkalp Sutra, and Tattwarth Sutra.
  3. Learnt by heart several masterpiece works of Jainism including Shant Sudharas, Shree Bhaktamar Srota, Shree Kalyan Mandir, Ratnakar Panchvinshika, Ayog Vyavachhedika, Anyayog Vyavachhedika, Shad Darshan, etc. as well as thousands of verses of Patanjali Yoga Darshan, Shreemad bhagwadgeeta, and the Upanishadas.
  4. Studied Sanskrit and learnt Laghu Kaumudi, Ashtadhyayee Shree Abhidhan Chintamani Kosh and Prakrit Vyakaran, etc. Stood first in M.A. equivalent examination of Terapanth educational system.
  5. Profound study of various religions, philosophies, theoretical psychology and literature together with linguistic studies of Sanskrit, Prakrit, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, etc.
  6. In December 1964, bestowed with the title of Agranya by Acharya Shree Tulsi.
  7. On 22 December 1999, bestowed with the title of Acharya by Delhi Jain Sangh and Manav Mandir Mission Trust.
  8. Received the honour of Pragya Purush in 1990 by Kolkata society.
  9. Received the honour of Man of the Year 2004 by American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA.
  10. Literary creations - Some two dozen books published on religion and philosophy, poetry, etc. Many books are extremely popular in India and abroad.
  11. Padayatra (road march) - Covered over fifty thousand kilometres in India and Nepal under extensive padayatra (road march). The King of Nepal, Veerendra Veer Vikram Shah Dev, was highly influenced by his thoughts and philosophy during Viratnagar-Nepal Chaturmas – 1976, and sent his invitation to Acharya Shree to visit Kathmandu through his Chief Secretary Shree Ranjan Raj Khanal.
  12. Foreign Travel - in 1991, visited America at the ardent request of American society, keeping in view the potentialities of promoting knowledge and character. These trips facilitated many people to attain knowledge and to achieve Self realisation. He has inaugurated several Jain centres and offered guidance to New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Toronto, Boston, Jain Centres. Addressed the Jain Conventions in cities like San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc. In 1999, participated the Religious Propagation Tour organised by the American Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and, within a week, addressed thousands of audiences together with other eminent persons like Shri Ramesh Bhai Ojha, Swami Chidanand Saraswati (the Head of Paramarth Ashram, Rishikesh), famous singer Ms. Anuradha Paudwal, etc. Strongly represented the Jain community during the 3-day World Peace seminar and All Religious Prayer Meet organized by N.G.O. wing of the UNO at New York, held in the year 1996. The event was attended by over a thousand religious organizations of the world.
  13. In 1997, established International Manav Mandir Mission in Houston, Texas, in order to strengthen the service projects already running in India.
  14. Guided or conducted several Camps, Seminars, Lecture series and Workshops in America, Canada, England and Sweden on the themes of the Jain Way of Life, Vegetarianism, Kindness to Animals as well as Yoga and Meditation.
  15. He represented the Jain religion during the World Religious Congregation (Sindhu Darshan Samaroh – 2003) sponsored by the Govt. of India, in Leh-Ladakh. The Congregation was attended by Shankaracharyas, the Chief of the Buddhist religion of Ladakh, world-famous saintly figures and religious leaders of Christianity and Islam. Also present were the Deputy Prime Minister of India, Mr. L.K. Advani, Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir and many central ministers.
  16. Undertook a travel to Kailash Ashtapad Mansarovar Yatra – in July 2003 to promote world peace and universal brotherhood. Also undertook the pilgrimage of the land of salvation of Bhagwan Rishabhdev, the first Teerthankar. The trip was accompanied by some 35 American and British devotees, some 100 NRIs and over 200 other pilgrims. This holy trip also received the spiritual guidance of Swami Divyanand Teerth (the Shankaracharya of Bhanupura Peeth), Swami Chidanand Saraswati ‘Muniji’ (the Head of Paramarth Ashram, Rishikesh), the famous Bhagwat kathakar Shree Kishoreji Vyas, Rasayani Baba, etc.
  17. 14th July of 2003 was a Red Letter Day in the history of Jain religion when Acharya Shree Roopchandraji Maharaj hoisted the Jain flag on the holy spot of Kailash-Ashtapad, during the presence of hundreds of pilgrims of India and abroad and chanted sacred hymns along with Navkar Mahamantra, Shree Bhaktamar Stotra and Aarti of Adinath Bhagwan. According to ancient texts 2500 years ago, the first Ganadhar Shree Indrabhooti Gautam had sung the glory of Lord Adinath on this sacred spot with his divine powers. To the best of our knowledge, Acharya Shree was the first Jain Muni after that time who undertook the voyage of this sacred place where Lord Rishabhdev had attained salvation. The TV channel – Sanskar – has telecast this event several times showing Acharya Shree chanting the Mantras on Kailash-Ashtapad. This holy trip was a glorious event for the entire Jain community.

    The spiritual values and humanitariom activities on 8th of December,1981 H.N. Acharya Shree established a secular organisation named Manav Mandir Mission to propagete.

    Presently, there are eleven sadhus and sadhwees, and thousands of shravakas (men & women) incorporated in this mission. The main centres of this mission are in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kolkata, Mumbai and Gujarat and (in foreign countries) in America, Canada, England, Sweden and Nepal.

A confluence of sadhana and service

Acharya Shree always emphasized on service to mankind along with spiritual quest or ‘sadhana’. That’s why in the Manav Mandir centres of Delhi (Capital of India), Punjab, Haryana states run under his auspices several projects of spiritual sermons, satsang, yoga and meditation and human services are also being conducted. In Delhi centre, there is also a Gurukul for helpless children and this centre provides residence, food, clothes, education and medical help to helpless children. These children are not only receiving school education but also getting training in high moral values, yoga and meditation. In Delhi, a Naturopathy Centre as well as a Yoga and Ayurvedic Centre are also running. In the Manav Mandir centre of Hissar (Haryana), a Tailoring and Stitching Centre for poor women and a free-of-cost Homeopathic Dispensary are functioning, too. Furthermore, a monthly magazine named “Roop Rekha” is also published which represents your broad thoughts.

The great contribution of Sadhwee Shree Manjulashree ji Maharaaj in propagating your philosophy is highly distinctive and invaluable. At the same time, she and other spiritually charged members of the mission are devotedly promoting the humanitarian activities of the Centre. No doubt, the overall human society of this vast world sets its fervent hopes on the pious activities of this divinely oriented Mission.

Sadhvi Manjula Sri

In all his efforts he is being tirelessly assisted by the Sadhvi Manjula Sri who is the Director General of the Trust. She is the first Jain Sadhvi to have travelled from Kanyakumai to Kashmir to promote Inter religion peace.



Manav Mandir Mission Trust foundation was laid on the 3rd of November, 1989 by Shri. Roop Chandra ji Maharaj. It is a non-profit public cheritable trust registered (Ludhiana, Panjab) under the Indian Trust Act under Section (42) on 3rd November 1989.


A total of seven persons are the trustees of the trust which includes the founder president himself. Six persons were nominated by the founder president as the trustees to assist him in the running of the trust.

The underlying principles of Manav Mandir Mission Trust are to promote Education, Global peace, Health, Spiritualism and Vegetarianism. The areas of the activities regulated by the trust to promote its principles can be broadly divided into the following four categories :-

  1. Health related .
  2. Welfare of under privileged people (children and women in particular).
  3. Animal Welfare.
  4. Publication.

All the activities of the above mentioned three areas are coordinated by the trust from the following three centers :-

  1. Manav Mandir

    Jain Ashram, Ring Road

    Opposite Sarai Kale Khan ( I.S.B.T.)

    New Delhi – 110013

    Tel.: 011 – 26327911, 26315530

    Incharge : Sadhwi Samta Sri ( Health related services)

    Cell No. 9999609878

    Arun Tiwari ( Welfare related services)

    Cell No. 9811346904

  2. Manav Mandir

    Chota Bazar, Near Hindu Mahasabha School

    Sunam Panjab

    Tel. : 01676 - 23116

    Incharge : Sadhvi Chand Kumari, Cell No. 9350043973

  3. Manav Mandir

    Prem Nagar, Hissar, Haryana

    Tel.: 01662 – 271423

    Incharge: Sadhvi Kanak lata Cell No. 9312198130

In addition to the above mentioned three locations the trust also network with other organizations to spread its reach for serving society.

Trust Activities

SEVADHAM – A hospital run by Trust’s Delhi branch
This hospital earlier was running with the name of Muni Sri Roop Chandra Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurvedic center. Later on in the year 2007, the hospital expanded its operations and the name was changed to SEVA DHAM. The hospital is providing its services in Acupressure, Ayurvedic medicine, Naturopathy, and Physiotherapy. A dedicated staff of 17 full time employees is giving its services to the hospital.


The hospital provides many services:-

  1. Ayurveda Panchkarma
    1. Sirodhara
    2. Kerala Ayurvedic Massage
    3. Vasti
    4. Potli Massage
  2. Naturopathy
    1. Herbal Steam Bath
    2. Mud Therapy
    3. Color Therapy
  3. Physio Therapy
  4. Yoga / Meditation
  5. Acupressure
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Reflexology


Health related other services by Seva-Dham Hospital

Delhi center of the trust is very active in this field. It offers yoga and meditation as a facility for public in general and also for patients. The center has a big meditation and yoga hall and also has a lush green garden for yoga classes in the natural environment.
It offers yoga and meditation classes free of cost to massage. Many people from foreign countries have shown interest and have been benefited after taking classes and training over Ayurvedic Massage, Meditation and Yoga from trust’s experts. Apart from them people from the country also come for attending yoga and meditation classes from all walks of life.

People from foreign countries taking yoga training from Dr. Sohanveer Singh (Yoga Teacher)

Seva-Dham Hospital offers Free of cost Health Services

Seva-Dham Hospital and Lions Club New Delhi Organized one free Health checkup Camp

Hungarian Group taking Medication Lesson in Trust Meditation Hall

Hungarian group which took training over Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage and Meditation

Ms. Christina William from France receiving certificate after completing 3 month course on Yoga and Ayurveda at Delhi Branch of Trust

The center has also been organizing numerous free health checks up camps time to time in South as well as Central Delhi. Along with free health check up, free medicines are being distributed in these camps.

Similar activities are also taken up by the Hissar and Sunam branches of the trust also time to time. Hissar chapter even runs a homeopathic clinic which provides free treatment to the massage.

Dr. Rajeev Shankar attending a lady who visited the free camp of the trust

Doctor at Homeopathic clinic run by Hissar Branch

Welfare of underprivileged

All the three centers of the trust are actively involved in the welfare related work for the under privilege masses of the society. Multiple donation camps have been organized by the trust centers in their respective cities from time to time. Essentials which include food and clothes along with stationary for poor kids, utensils for poor people forms part of distribution items time to time by the trust.

Sadhvi from trust serving food to poor people after a fire incident in their locality

Trust Staff distributing Stationary and Fruits to Poor Kids

In addition to this trust also organises camps time to time for recreation of the underprivileged masses especially over different festivals.


Magic show being organized by Sunam branch of the trust


Child Welfare: Gurukul – An Orphanage

This is the name of the orphanage which is run by the Trust’s Delhi center for the above said purpose of the trust. It is taking care of orphans. Children are being brought up and are being provided free education along with complete requirements ranging from food, clothes, shelter and books. At present the total strength of children at Gurukul’s orphanage is 25. Out of the total strength of 25 children, 17 are guys and 8 are girl ranging in the age group from 4 to 18. Separate accommodation building is provided by the trust for accommodating guys and girls.

Children are sent to SARASWATI BAL MANDIR, a Senior Secondary School of the CBSE Board in Nehru Nagar, Ring Road, New Delhi. A bus is arranged by the trust for ferrying children to and fro from Ashram (Trust premise) to school.

A teacher is appointed by the trust that comes daily to the trust premises for helping students prepare for their school study and assist them in completing their school work along with preparing them for exams.
A full time staff of 10 persons and around 30 volunteers are looking after Gurukul’s activities. Trust also organizes cultural events for its’ Gurukul kids and also for rural massage time to time.

Shri Roop Chand ji Maharaj Anchoring Inter School Debate Competition

Gurukul Children at the Republic Day Occassion

Women Welfare

Manav Mandir Mission Trust’s Delhi branchhas gone beyond normal welfare activities for women which comprise helping them in monetary and in kind terms. It has helped in family settlement of its children also. A total of three females who were part of Gurukul earlier were married after they became adults, through the efforts and expenses of the trust.

First was Ms. Kanchan who was married in the year 2003. She is now with her husband in Hapur.
Second was Ms. Shobha who was married in the year 2005 and she was married to Mr. Pushpender from Bulandshahar. Mr. Pushpender was absorbed as employee later by the trust when he was without job. This was done as a gesture to help Ms. Shobha and her family.
Third was Ms. Mamta who was married in the year 2007. She is now with her husband in Vallabhgarh.

Pictures of the marriage of Ms. Shobha

Animal Welfare

Earlier Manav Mandir Delhi branch was maintaining a Gaushala (Cow Shelter) taking care of cows but owing to Delhi government’s regulations for shifting animal husbandry out of city limits the trust could not take up strides in the effort. Earlier a total of 30 cows were taken care of by the trust but (due to the govt. regulations) now only 5 cows are kept at the trust’s premise and they are being taken care nicely in the center. Milk from the five cows is being used for Gurukul’s kids diet.
Apart from cows, a total of 5 dogs are also taken care of by the trust in their Delhi branch.

Gaushala at Trust Delhi Chapter

Mauritian Guy at MMTC Delhi in Gaushala

Manav Mandir Hissar is fully dedicated to the upliftment of poor and needy women. The centre runs a training centre for training women in sewing and stitiching clothes. A formal training spanning from 1 month course to 4 month course is imparted free of cost to the females and thereafter upon successful completion of the training course, a hand sewing machine is gifted to every women towards help to assist them in standing over their own feet.

Manav Mandir Mission Trust’s Hissar Building

People being attended at free camp organized by Trust


This section of the activities of the trust is aimed at promoting the values and principles of the trust exclusively. Trust is coming out with a monthly magazine named – Roop Rekha since 1998. It is circulated exclusively free of cost in country as well as out of the country to the members associated with the trust. Today over 6,000 subscribers are receiving the magazine absolutely free of cost every month. Articles by critics in the areas of spiritualism and health along with news of the peace movements by its founder member across the world form the content of this magazine every month. This activity is exclusively governed from the Delhi center of the trust.

Overseas Operations

The trust did not limit its operations in India and made an attempt to spread the principles and activities beyond the country’s boundary. In this line the trust registered a foreign office with the under given name in America at the following address on 16th of October 1997 vide registration number 1464666-01.

1. International Manav Mandir Mission Trust
2343, River Valley
Dr. Missouri City
Texas, U.S.A.

Later on the trust spread its wings and started its operations overseas (on a minor scale) through the following persons who were part of the trust in India at some point of time in past.

1. Dr. Jose Abraham
42, Sillins Avenue
Redditch, Worcestershire
United Kingdom
2. Mr. Amit Nahata
1649, Richmond Street
United Kingdom

3. Mr. Awdesh Tiwari
4. Mr. Virendra Bharti Kothari
2111 Water Canyon CT
Texas 77077-1945

5. Mr. Mahendra Singh Daga
Allied M, Thai Co.
E.S.V. Building, II Floor
Mahasak Soi, Bangkok



The trust requires money to run its various activities. For this purpose trust gets donation from various donors from India and abroad both. All the donations coming to trust are exempted from tax under 80 G. All donations coming from abroad is also exempted from Tax under FCRA. A separate balance sheet is prepared for the entire donation coming from abroad.
Other than them there are numerous donors whose contribution helps in running the activities of trust.
Manav Mandir Mission Trust however has generated its own source of income generation for smooth running of the activities of the trust along with taking up expansion plans.

Services to Corporate Sector

The trust has given its services to various corporate clients in the form of conducting numerous workshops over yoga by its own staff persons. This has generated revenue for the trust. Some of the clients which have been provided services by the trust include names like :-

  1. Kribhco
  2. Max New York Life
  3. Nafed
  4. Nhpc
  5. Ntpc
  6. Power Grid

Manav Mandir Mission Trust has given it's services to National Power Training Institute


Another way whereby the trust is generating resources and revenue is through its hospital – Seva Dham. Although the trust organizes many health check up camps and medicines distribution camps for poor people, it also utilizes services of the hospital in generating funds for its activities by offering specialized services at very nominal charges from well to do clientele which includes both Indian and foreign clients.


1. Health Camp and distribution of
Homeopathic Medicines January 2006
Jain Mandir
Darya Ganj
2. Health Check up Camp
June 2006
Ansari Road
Darya Ganj

3. Free Health Check up camp
December 2006
Lala Salek Chand
Ansari Road
4. Blood Donation Camp
May 2007
Vinod Kr. Gupta
3569, Gali Jhan Singh
Sita Ram Bazar
New Delhi – 110 006

5. Free Health Check up and
Medicines Distribution Camp June 2007
Shri Anand Prasad Sharma
Makan Number 2748
Flat Number 105
Arya Samaj Gali
Sita Ram Bazar
Delhi – 110 006
6. Free Health Check up and Medicines Distribution Camp
December 2007
Shri Major Singh, C – 155 / 2 Mulani Dhadha, Paharganj
New Delhi – 110 055

Affiliated Branches

1. Amarpali Rashtriya Sewa Sanstha
B-4, II Floor
P.N.B. Colony, 8 Under Hill Road
Civil Line
Delhi – 110007
2. Art and Rural Development Society
Flat Number 314 & 315, Tower One
Mount Kailash
Sant Nagar
New Delhi

3. International Human Rights Organisation
KH-57, Jain Ashram
Ring Road, Sarai Kale Khan
New Delhi – 110013
4. International Human Rights Organisation
KH-57, Jain Ashram
Ring Road, Sarai Kale Khan
New Delhi – 110013

5. Manas Yog Sansthan
Siddharth Extn.
New Delhi – 110014
6. Marudhar Mahila Shiksha Niketan

7. Natural Progressive for Educational
Development Society
Plot No. 33, Phase III
Village Madanpur
Dabas, Bhagya Vihar Extn.
Delhi – 110081
8. Pragatisheel Kalyankari Sansthan
Block A-3, H. No. – 24
Nand Nagri
Delhi – 110093

9. Samarpan Care
BR 63 B, Shalimar Bagh
New Delhi – 110088
10 Sar Sadi Lal Charitable Trust
Samli, Uttar Pradesh
Managing Director : Mr. Rajat Lal

11 World Peace Yoga Peeth
Vasant Village
Near Hanuman Mandir
Vasant Enclave
New Delhi

Prominent Patrons ( Donors)

Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Director : Suman Banerjee
G.K. II, Delhi
Managing Director : R N Kasethia

Okhla, New Delhi
Chairman : Ms. Sajni Devi Bharatiya
4. Lions Club (Shakti)
New Delhi
Vidhyawadi, Rajasthan
Chairman : Mr. Sohan Raj Khanchi

Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Chairman : B.K. Modi
Sangroor, Panjab

Faridabad, Haryana
Chairman : Manohar Lal Agarwal
8 T T INDUSTRIES Karol Bagh, Delhi
Chairman : Rikhab Chand Jain

Acharya Shri Roop Chandra ji Maharaj, KH - 57, Jain Mandir, Sarai Kale Khan, Ring Road, Behind Indian Oil Petrol Pump, New Delhi 110 013.